Fit for a changing world

Feb 5, 2018 10:30:00 AM / by Henrik Schøtt Kjærgaard


Fit for a changing world: refreshing our concept and brand promise

Over the last few years, companies have faced more and more new regulations that have a direct impact on processes and technology. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is the latest. This is a major change, but it will certainly not be the last by any means. It is a huge challenge for companies to keep up with all the changes, and to be confident that they comply each time. Few could put their hands on their hearts and say that they were certain that everything was under control.

The year of GDPR

We will almost certainly look back on 2018 as the year of the implementation of GDPR. It is the single most important event of the last decade for many companies, especially those handling large amounts of personal information—such as any company that holds information about its employees or manages a payroll. Many companies have already invested thousands over the last year or two, trying to understand and prepare for GDPR implementation. Few, however, admit to total confidence in their systems.  

One of the major challenges for both companies and solution providers is increased complexity locally and globally. More and more often, we are seeing the need for symbiosis across technology, processes and people, and this is becoming more business-critical. For years, leaders have declared that administrative processes were not central to their business, but these processes are now becoming a top priority, at all levels.

Finding simplicity despite complications

Companies need to be able to find solutions that ensure that they can comply with all existing and new regulations, but without compromising efficiency. They also need to be able to look holistically across their whole business, and ensure that they have practical solutions that work, but which are also consistent with their business strategy and agenda´s. Some companies can, of course, manage this for themselves. Others, however, find it enormously helpful to be able to call on advisers with balanced strategic and practical expertise, and a wide knowledge of their field.

A shift in philosophy, and the resulting brand promise

For some time now, it has been obvious that this, in turn, requires changes in the advisory and consultancy industry. We need to be able to provide strategic advice, but in a way that is oriented towards solutions, that is, strikes a balance between strategic and practical. The time is right for experts who can address both “what” and “how” in the same sentence. 

Our brand name is therefore changing to reflect the way we now work, and the services we offer to companies and suppliers.

Our new brand name is House of Improvement, and is a clear statement of our purpose. As advisers, we are able to help both companies and solutions providers (suppliers) to address the looming business challenges. As objective third parties, we can advise and support both sides, adding value to the relationship by sharing our knowledge across the two sectors. We can help to provide a holistic look from end-to-end of the business, marrying strategy with practical solutions.

Sometimes all a relationship needs is someone to make the introductions. At other times, two parties might need more help: an interpreter to ensure that they are speaking the same language, perhaps. At House of Improvement, we bring together strategic and practical expertise to make sure that you get the right solution.


Topics: GDPR, HR Tech, Strategy, Change Management