We support charities with significant impact on sustainable transformation and healthcare

Our involvement and funding of charties is focused on NGO´s who align with our core values and directly or indirectly support our strategic focus.

Contact us if you want to know how the NGO´s we support can make a difference for your CSR activities.

Charities we support directly with our resources


The Global Angels Foundation is an international development organisation, transforming disadvantaged communities around the world. We are a global network of Angels who put their compassion into action. We empower communities by providing the resources they need to become sustainable and to thrive.

Since launching in 2005, we are now supplying safe drinking water to over 160,000 people, providing medical care to a further 170,000 people through clinics we have built. We have also trained 60 medics.We have also supplied over 2 million meals through our school feeding programme with well over 13,500 children being educated in schools or classrooms built by Global Angels.

We are currently developing a pilot programme in Tsavo, Kenya bringing water, education, energy and social empowerment to 2,000 people, rolling out to 20,000 by 2023.

We invite everyone to step up and be an angel - your first step might be to follow our newsletter here.


Molly Bedingfield, CEO & Founder, Global Angels Foundation 

Bear Grylls in action for Global Angels 


Global Angels promotion project in Tsavo Kenya