Henrik Hübner

Working Chairman

Henrik has more than 25 years’ leadership and managerial experience from international public listed companies, including Sanistaal A/S and Sophus Berendsen A/S.

His ambition is to use his experience and skills to lead medium and large sized companies to strive for further growth and profitability.

Dedicated customer focus and innovative value creation has positioned Henrik as a respected executive counselor within outplacement and leadership development. 

Henrik Schøtt Kjærgaard


Henrik has more than 20 years of advisory experience from international consulting firms, including Arthur Andersen, Deloitte and Advizion. 

His vision of simplicity and continuously improvement is the basic idea behind House of Improvement.

With focus on quality, process management and technology, Henrik and his team has developed concepts and frameworks to improve the capitalisation of companies investment in resources and technology.

Lykke Nymann Nederland


Lykke has more than 20 years experience within optimisation, business administration and management across industries, including healtcare and medico.

Her vision is to facilitate improvement through people, communication, processes and technology. 

Genuine focus on empowering people combined with practical business understanding has positioned Lykke as a respected advisor on all levels.