Sourcing a new Supplier with us step-by-step

How much you involve us is up to you - we are happy to take it one step at the time

Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing the right Supplier or Solution Provider very often requires a strategic approach. 

With our conceptual framework we help you define your strategic approach and roadmap for sourcing a new supplier. 

Are you going to look for a comprehensive solution or is it a better fit to look for "best of breed" solutions?

Analysing Business needs

8 out of 10 sourcing projects is about improving technology to support specific business needs. We help you assess and analyse business needs across functions and business units. 

Based on that we evaluate and recommend how you can improve through technology, processes and organization.


Specification of requirements

Sourcing of a new supplier is a process where you need to be in control. Specifying user requirements is the only way to ensure your selection process is based on what you need, rather than way suppliers want to sell to you.

Our market leading sourcing framework make it easy to specify your user requirements (URS) and technical requirements in a structured and qualified way.

Manage RFI and RFP tenders

Based on specific user- and technical requirements, we prepare the shortlist of suppliers relevant for your company.

Through our market leading Vendor Portal, we initiate the tender process by inviting all relevant Suppliers to respond to a request for informations (RFI), including TCO estimates. 

To establish a mutual understanding of your business needs, we initially invite preferred Suppliers to a demo workshop.

Subsequently, we request preferred Suppliers to respond to a request for proposal (RFP). 

Selected Suppliers a then invited to a second workshop, typically containing a demo and elaboration of their proposal.

Facilitate Vendor Evaluation

During the tender process we facilitate different kinds of evaluation of each Supplier, based on criteria´s important to your company. 

Our Vendor Portal support evaluations based on Supplier scores and stakeholder surveys. 

The total evaluation and benchmark of invited suppliers is based on their RFI/RFP response, user feedback, decision criterias and TCO calculations.

To support the evaluation, we have templates ready to define and prepare relevante business cases.

Pricing & Contract Management

Most companies have procurement- or sourcing functions involved in the tender process. If you have these competences in-house, we recommend to involve them as much as possible. 

To ensure a strong position for negotiation and balanced partnership, we work alongside internal sourcing competences, providing our market insight and experience from similar tenders. 

Similar to the negotiation process, we support internal procurement and sourcing to ensure the contract reflects the original business needs and user requirements. 


Implementation & Project Governance

You might have a strong contract with specified user requirements. Still, there is a way to go before the design of a new solution reflects what you need.

We assist you as a sparring partner in the design workshops and internal decision making you have to go through, before the final blueprint is in place.

During the implementation and deployment of your new solution, we can take leading or supporting role of a Steering Committee and provide experienced Project Management.